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Begin your training here to give children the best start in life, for the best chance in life.

Play is the language of childhood. It teaches children about their world, how to collaborate, and that they can have impact. And it’s fun. When a child struggles at school or in life, it’s often because they don’t have the right foundations in place.

Developmental Play trains you to give children these foundations. It’s based on the Developmental Play Pyramid, where each level builds on the one below it with tried-and-tested playful exercises. Put strong foundations in place, and children flourish.

Our online Academy and our in-person workshops teach you to identify if a child has missed out on a level of play and should go back to it, and then to take them there so they can build from a strong, confident starting point. The courses are suitable for parents/carers and for teachers/clinicians such as carers, teachers and therapists.

Certified Developmental Play Practitione

The result? You help your children become more confident, happier and healthier, better learners and better friends. And it’s great fun for children and for you.

Developmental Play is associated with the Real Play Coalition, launched in 2018 by the LEGO Foundation, IKEA, National Geographic and Unilever to bring play back into childhood. A report from the World Economic Forum says “We must equip our children with the tools to address and embrace the new realities of tomorrow. To do this, we must allow them to develop through play the skills they need to thrive in the dynamic, challenging economies of tomorrow.”

"When children play they are working hard trying to make sense of their world"     
Doug Goodkin, teacher, musician and author
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