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Give your child the best start in life, for the best chance in life 

Helping adults support their children through play and creativity

About CreateCATT

CREATE-CREATIVE ARTS THERAPY AND TRAINING PTE LTD (CreateCATT) is a Singapore based Social Enterprise providing creative arts and play-based training and therapy services. 


Training is delivered on and offline, supported by personal consultancy.

CreateCATT also reaches out across India and the Philippines through our play certification, and, our team is available for consultancies worldwide.

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All children need to play and be creative. It makes them happier, confident, better learners and better friends. But some of them need a little help. That’s why CreateCATT is committed to getting children to play creatively and to be the best they can be by supporting the adults who help them. CreateCATT provides creative arts and play-based training, therapy and consultancy services for healthcare and education professionals, voluntary welfare organisations, and parents.

We do this through 

CreateCATT Developmental Play.


It’s a pioneering approach built on the idea that, as children grow, they need to do different kinds of play. But sometimes they miss a stage or get stuck. We can see it – they can’t focus, they have difficulty staying calm, their problem-solving skills are limited, and their friendships and social skills are weak. We take them back through the stages of developmental play, to build the firm foundations they need to move onwards and upwards.  

Vision and mission 

Our vision is to lead a global community supporting children through the power of play.

Our mission is to put in place the building blocks of playfulness and creativity for happier, healthier children by training professionals and supporting parents through Developmental Play.

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What people are saying about CreateCATT 

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"In my developmental play journey, I have learned the importance of establishing a good emotional connection with the children under our care for them to trust us. This way, the kids will gain improved self-esteem, which will enable them to learn better.

It is indeed a wonderful journey!"

Grace Schuke, Teacher, Philippines

"A great course!

Very interactive and hands-on.

It was wonderful. "

Course Participant UK

"I can advocate it for all parents, not just a special needs child's parents"

Parent, Bangalore, India

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"It’s an honor to be able to attend and learn developmental play. It was an eye-opening experience to be able to witness and be exposed, first hand, to the effects of incorporating play in children’s activities that would help in their development...Hoping for a better future for our children."

Apattenes Reyes, Philippines

"A well presented day, with hands on insight, parents would benefit from joining in"

"Such an inspiring day, delivered by knowledgeable professionals. Great fun and lots of ideas to take away "

Course Participants, Singapore

"Your course are absolutely wonderful and even on the days that I didn't feel very attentive, I ended up learning deeply insightful knowledge and skills."

Online participant

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"When children play they are working hard trying to make sense of their world"     
Doug Goodkin
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