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Begin your journey here to give children the best start in life, for the best chance in life.

Our online Academy offers all the courses listed below, supplemented by in-person workshops.To train as a Certified Developmental Play Practitioner, you'll need to complete both the theory and practice for each level, have a look at the learning pathway below. And if your organisation is looking for specific training, contact us here. 

Developmental Play Learning Pathway

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For parents and caregivers

Stay at Home Play at Home, Top Tips for Playful Parenting 

A short course with lectures on child development play resources and the Fighting the Dragon Book by CreateCATT founder on why art and play matter in early childhood. A great start for parents to explore why play matters for their children.

Developmental Play for parents and caregivers  

Developmental Play is a pioneering approach built on the idea that as children grow they need to do kinds of play. This course is a general introduction to Developmental Play and is ideal for parents and caregivers. It will help you understand your children better and give you information, tools and strategies to strengthen their foundations for learning, and support them to build better relationships and – simply – be happier children.


Level 1 Foundations of Developmental Play

This level explains what play is, why it is so important, and what impact it can have on children when they play – and when they don’t. It takes you into a play mindset where you start to see what a difference you can make, and how to make it.

For teachers and clinicians

Level 1 Foundations of Developmental Play Course (Level One) 

This Level 1 foundational theory course allows you to study the basics at your own pace. This is combined with online live practice via zoom webinars or in our hands-on workshops that bring the theory alive, as we show you the principals of play and how you can engage children of all ages to be their best selves. 


Level 2 Applied Developmental Play Course (Level Two)

This Level 2 course shows you how to apply the theories from Level 1 to help children however they learn and wherever they are. To start with, we will show you how we are applying the Developmental Play model in India and the Philippines, and share interviews with global experts. Then, you will learn all about sensory processing and mind-body connections. This is combined with online live practice via zoom webinars or on our hands-on workshops that bring the theory alive. 


Combined course: Foundations and Applied Developmental Play

This combined course lets you access all the content of our Foundations course and Applied course together in one place. You can study online at your own pace, and this is combined with online live practice via zoom webinars  or by booking a place on our hands-on workshops that bring the theory alive, as we show you the principals of play and how you can engage children of all ages to be their best selves. 

Advanced Developmental Play Course (Level Three)

Premium course to become an advanced and Certified Developmental Play Practitioner (CDPP). Online offers face to face mentoring with one of our founders. Participants need to be in practice to take this level. We hope that these courses will also be available hands on at our centres of excellence in India and the Philippines again from 2022. Keep an eye on our workshops page.

Other courses from our Academy

Autism and Developmental Play 

This short course is part of the Applied Developmental Play training, for those particularly interested in accessing just the Autism module. After you’ve done this short course and if you want to upgrade to the full Applied Developmental Play training, or the Combined training, you’ll find a discount code at the end of the course, so you won’t pay twice for the same module.

Storytelling and story making 

This short course introduces the importance of storytelling and provides you with 54 colourfully illustrated story-cards to print out and use to help children develop their imagination, flexibility and language skills by telling stories inspired by what they see on the cards. Altogether, it’s a great resource for creative playfulness for children and their parents.

Visual Schedules

An illustrated course with visual cards to print and keep that helps you set up your own creative play visual schedules at home or in the classroom or clinic.

Developmental Art Making 

This course introduces you to the theory and practice of art making in child development. Based on the Essame Developmental Art Making Stages and making reference to psychological, physical and neurobiological  theories of creativity it is a great course for understanding how and why children need to be creative.

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