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International Certified Developmental Play Practitioners (CDPPs)


We welcome our first cohorts of Certified Developmental Play Practitioners (CDPPs) who have completed their training since 2017.



Nikhila Mary Koshy - Occupational Therapist 

Agnes Anna Mathew -Occupational Therapist

Sneha Sani Sabu - Occupational Therapist  

Kunjamma Sunny - Educator 

Shibu Thomas - Physiotherapist


Emmanuela Halim - Art Therapist (Indonesia)


Monaliza Guce - Occupational Therapist

Doreen Kae F. Famadico - Occupational Therapist

Rushel F. Nava -Occupational Therapist

Armando Zita - Occupational Therapist

Nikko Paolo C. Ebarvia - Occupational Therapist

Ma. Vernix Marasigan - Occupational Therapist

Maria Lourdes Guan Hing- Special Ed Teacher

Jerick Cruz - Occupational Therapist

Gail Franchesca Becina - Occupational Therapist

Dominique Maling - Occupational Therapist

Lyza Carmel Dela Cruz - Occupational Therapist

Adrienne Cruz - Occupational Therapist

Michelle Cabalo - Occupational Therapist

Sarah Tenedero - Occupational Therapist

Kristel Lazaro - Occupational Therapist

Julie Anne Christine Rimando - Speech Therapist

Jam Gawaran - Occupational Therapist

Ciara Denisse De Jesus - Occupational Therapist

RC Cabarles. - Occupational Therapist

Bryle Rose Leano - Occupational Therapist

Therese Del Castillo - Occupational Therapist

Selene Ko - Occupational Therapist

Isabella Patricia Hanopol Borlaza - Occupational Therapist

Sharmaine Mendiola - Occupational Therapist

Maria Frances M. Batay-an - Teacher

Mariella Vargas - Occupational Therapist

Diane Sharina Penas - Occupational Therapist

Myla Sarmiento - Special Ed Teacher

Joan C. Tablante -  Teacher

Maria Eliza Aquino - Speech Therapist

Maria Patrixia Aquino - Occupational Therapist

Danielle Fatima - Occupational Therapist

Jan Luke Mendoza - Occupational Therapist

Sofia Cueto - Occupational Therapist

Anna Francisco - Occupational Therapist

Gail Franchesca Becina - Occupational Therapist

Shane Marie Landicho - Occupational Therapist

Dominique Maling - Occupational Therapist

Danielle Racela - Occupational Therapist

Appattene Reyes - Occupational Therapist

Alyssa Velasquez - Occupational Therapist

Carlo Jaron Sicam - Occupational Therapist
Danice Umadac - Occupational Therapist
Charish Alexis Fajilan - Teacher
Win Caryl  Geronimo - Physiotherapist 
Kristine Joy Eunice Loyola - Occupational Therapist
MayBell Vigilla - Occupational Therapist
Marivic Romualdo - Teacher
Emmalee Mendoza - Occupational Therapist
Justine Gurtiza - Occupational Therapist
Shaina Colleen Siy - Speech Therapist
Sharmaine Mendiola - Occupational Therapist
Mariele Mallorca - Occupational Therapist
Michele Ann Banal - Occupational Therapist
Michelle Anne Rafols - Occupational Therapist
Phoebe Kay Chan - Speech Therapist
Jennie Bartolome - EIP Teacher
Denise T Santos - Occupational Therapist

Monica Andrea Ting-Bañez - Occupational Therapist

Erlyn Mirabelle M. Magsino - Speech Therapist

Garce N. Schuke - Teacher

Melanie Caraos 


Lisa Baccay - Speech Therapist 

​Janine Campbell - Midwife and Global Health Specialist 

Cherleen Chua - Educator 

Caroline Essame - Occupational Therapist and Art Therapist 

Tamlyn Tan - Physiotherapist 

Rachel Yang - Art Therapist 


Imogen Campbell - Psychology Graduate

Caroline Clay - Occupational Therapist 

Adriana Osborn - Occupational Therapist

Anthea Thornton - OT (Singapore/South Africa)

Paula Zinser - Psychology Graduate

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