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Developmental Play Course for Parents and Carers

Learn to play in stages not ages

Our online Academy is ideal for busy parents and caregivers seeking inspiring ideas to give their children the best start in life – whatever their age and abilities. You watch the videos and do the exercises at your own pace. We recommend that you do these courses bit by bit and see how each session changes the way you play with your child – and the way your child responds. You buy the courses for a year, so you can keep going back to them each time your child teaches you something new.

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Circle of life baby_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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These courses will help you

  • Understand and identify developmental play stages

  • Apply Developmental Play practice at home

  • Understand the play needs of children with social, emotional and cognitive challenges

  • Design and deliver creative play interventions for children


What is its philosophy?

The course is relationship-centred, based on contemporary research and practice, including:

  • Attachment theory and playful creative relationships

  • Creative arts education and play-based learning 

  • Eco-play, nature play and outdoor play

  • Sensory processing and bodywork 

  • Messy play

  • Art and developmental art making

  • Ritual and storytelling 

  • Drama and roleplay

  • Group dynamics and social learning

  • Integration of ‘body-mind-soul’ 

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