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Singapore Developmental Play course launches November 2016

This weekend saw the launch of the first Basic Level Developmental Play course here in Singapore. Hosted at Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre at Turf City a group of teachers, early childhood educators, allied educators, parents and art and occupational therapists learned about the importance of play for all our children. This basic certificate pioneered through CreateCATT brings participants specialist knowledge about how children learn and develop through play. It explores the developmental play stages of Dr Sue Jennings and Caroline Essame and the learning is fully supported by online training videos and the new book on Play- " Fighting the Dragon and Finding the Self- why art and play matter in early childhood.

Participants feedback included:

What participants are saying about this course;

" Inspiring and helpful"

"Very interactive and hands on"

"The trainer has a lot of experience to share and all questions were answered"

" I learn a lot in 3 days, I found it very useful and adaptable"

"A great course! Thank you Caroline"

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