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Adults inspired by play in India

The latest Developmental Training in Bangalore at the beginning of February was an inspiration to many of the participants and here we share the impact it had through their personal stories.

We have also gathered some quantitive data about the change this training had on their understanding of play and their abilities to use play as a lens for understanding their children's development. We are collating this data into an article so watch this space for more details. The exciting thing was that it showed how adults learn through play, we may know the theories but it is through experiencing the power of play ourselves that we truly embed it in our practice. I think you will agree from this little video that these participants had ignited the spirit of playfulness within.

When talking about play for our children it is important to remember that it often begins with the adults around them, playfulness begins in the home with that special relationship between carer and the newborn, playful interactions of relationships.Then as the child grows and explores the world around it we either allow playfulness or we quash it. Sadly many early childhood services structure learning too much and forget that children are natural learners through play. When we play again as adults we rekindle the magic of play and realise anew the power of play for learning. If we can change the adult through play the environments for children will change. Bring on the adult playfulness movement.

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