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So much has happened over the past two years that has left children uncertain and confused. The rise of anxiety caused by the pandemic continues to sweep across the globe manifested in some countries by sabre rattling, others as fatalistic acceptance, in others as desperation. True to our neurobiology when threatened we initially respond in a reptilian way of fight, freeze or flight.

But luckily we are resilient. With our complex, hope-filled predisposition there is lots of potential for change. But this change can only be brought about by understanding the processes that happen to us during traumatic events, and how not feeling in control makes us feel and act.

If you are keen to support the children you care for, or just to understand yourselves better, then our two upcoming masterclasses are ideal.

These three-hour experiential workshops offer hands-on exploration with best practice theory which will help you understand how we process and express difficulties pre-verbally and how we can harness creativity and play to help children recover from the pandemic.

These are the first of our new series of Masterclasses run through our online academy. So you can join wherever you are in the world.

Mess and Monsters – A Masterclass exploring fear and chaos and ways to transform them.

With an introduction to understanding mess and the metaphors of monsters, this hands-on workshop will transform the way you understand the power of play to help us cope with the world around us.

Tuesday March 15th

GMT 9.00am – 12 noon

Singapore 5pm – 8pm

(Check your time zones against these times)

Click below to register

Developmental Play and Trauma Masterclass

Learn how play supports children to cope with trauma. This Masterclass includes a talk on the process of trauma and how it presents in children, as well as lots of creative play ideas to build resilience and wellbeing

Monday April 18th

GMT 10am – 1pm

Singapore 5pm – 8pm

(Check your time zones against these times)

Click below to register

These short Zoom workshops are a great chance to explore the power of play in our PlayZOOM, meet the founders and learn new skills to take you into 2022. We do hope you’ll be able to join us.

The CreateCATT Team

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