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About Developmental Play

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This new approach to early childhood development emerged from our wide-ranging professional experiences in physiology, psychology, education, therapy, and arts and creativity. It builds on proven strategies for children’s cognitive, physical and social development. What makes this approach unique is that it combines all earlier interventional strategies to give children holistic support. It is particularly effective for children with special needs, learning difficulties and trauma.

Developmental Play is like a pyramid where each level builds on an earlier one. Ensuring that each level is solid for a child—which may involve going back to rebuild it—is the key to the success of this approach. The Developmental Play training gives you the skills to identify if a child needs support, and exercises and activities to support them.

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Developmental Play trains parents and caregivers  and teachers and clinicians  through our online Academy and in-person workshops.

About Us 

Caroline Essame

Caroline is an art therapist, occupational therapist, educator and play specialist with over 35 years’ experience in educational, welfare and health settings in England, India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. She works with pre-school and school-aged children with special needs as well as training internationally. She is the creative arts and play consultant for Deepti Special School in India. Her masters thesis in education is on the role of teachers in play-based learning.

Caroline Clay​

Caroline Clay is an occupational therapist, neuro-linguistic practitioner and sensory processing specialist with over 35 years’ experience in disability, welfare, health, and management. She works with children with extreme challenges in the UK and is Chair of the Candle for India Charitable Trust which supports special needs services in India.

What people are saying about Developmental Play Courses

"Found particularly useful the underpinning theory to the practical/experiential work"

- English participant

"Good balance of theory and practical activities"

- Singaporean participant 

"Very interactive, hands-on, and open for questions and discussion"

- Singaporean participant

"As a teacher, I understood the significance of play in children, it helps them improve physically and mentally. I will train others in this"

- Indian Participant

"Very good class, it was such a unique experience, I wish all trainings were like this"

- Indian Participant

"Very informative, everything taught is relevant to my Occupational Therapy practice"

Philippines Participant

" It's often that a foreign speaker would not be as engaging as you - yet you defied that stigma for me. I felt like I'm in a nursery play class. Thank you very much"

Philippines Participant

"Play is the highest development in childhood,
for it alone is the free expression of what is in the child's soul, children's play is not mere sport.

It is full of meaning and importance"

Friedrich Frobel

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