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First Developmental Art Making course by CreateCATT launches April 2021 - sign up now!

As we spend so much time now sitting on laptops the movement of our hands becomes just the tapping of our fingers, our periphery nervous system working overtime. Our visual systems are overloaded by bright light and loose the nuances of subtle colour and the magic of creativity. But laptops can also bring you magic and the chance to connect with others in creative ways... our new Developmental Art Making course will allow you to do just that!

It will bring fun creative art making ideas into your own home, where you can create with like minded individuals and learn from global experts why art making matters and how it works.

With 15 hours of colourful online learning and three face to face webinars our new Developmental Art Making course promises hands on fun and in-depth learning.

From this certificate course you will learn:

The Magic of Art Making

The importance of creativity for wellbeing

To understand how children learn and grow through art making

The different developmental stages of art making

The neurobiology of art making

Principles of Art Therapy

How art making helps children and adults process trauma

How social and emotional learning is enhanced by art making and creativity

Live webinars start Wednesday 15th April but sign up now on to start the online theory and delve deep into the world of art making and creativity.

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