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Messy Matters - in animation and free download

The world feels a bit messy at the moment doesn't it?

Did you know that Messy Play has different developmental stages ? Do you understand how through building theses stages you can develop social emotional and cognitive capabilities - as well and strengthening sensory processing?

We have developed both an infographic and an animation to show you just how much Messy Matters! Scroll down to the end of the blog to access your free Messy Play Developmental Journey download.

Working preverbally and building our limbic system is more important than ever in these uncertain days. We need to feel we can build that inner locus of control and make sense of this ever changing world. Children are at home much more in these times of world pandemic and messy play helps them to bring order into these rather chaotic and changeable times. When you appreciate how messy play is part of your child's developmental process, you will more naturally accommodate the time and space to allow this to happen.

If you are concerned about mess getting out of control, choose a time in the day for this to happen and or a specific area of your flat like the kitchen or bathroom that can be more easily cleaned. Large floor mats and trays are excellent if you are inside an apartment, better still go outside - washable paints and chalks can be off and a garden or a park makes a great mud kitchen. Importantly maintain as sense of fun because mess is the magic of childhood.

We hope you like the resources that we have designed for you to understand the stages of Messy Play and why Mess Matters. Our thanks to our designer Barnaby Duffy for visualising messy play so well, and turning our words and pictures into life.

If you would like to know more about our Developmental Play model then look for our courses on our CreateCATT Academy, which have been redesigned with live webinars, and join our community through our Facebook pages.

Messy Play Poster
Download PDF • 6.73MB

You have permission to be a bit messy this week - because we are all on the same journey waiting for the normal order of things to be returned.

All our best wishes

Caroline Essame and Caroline Clay

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