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Updated publication of our book on Developmental Play

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Here at CreateCATT we are delighted to announce our updated publication of our core text on Developmental Play.

This new updated publication includes two additional chapters which are very pertinent to the 2020's: one on the role of Developmental Play for children experiencing trauma - with special reference to living and playing through the pandemic - and the second new chapter on Nature Play and how the answer to a sustainable future is in the trees!

With playful illustrations by Barnaby Duffy this new edition provides a great resource for all parents, teachers and clinicians keen to understand the importance of play based activities for children's wellbeing and development, and shows how we as adults can understand and use this amazing language of playfulness. It is the supporting text for all our online academy courses ensuring that children get the best start in live for the best chance in life.

Get your online copy at:

Previously published in 2016 and titled "Fighting the Dragon Finding the Self ".

What people have said about this book:

"An important book which will help any parent understand the role and impact their words and attention can have on their child. I think this is a must-read book for all parents with children of any age". Parent

"Clearly sums up the child’s developmental stages of art-making, how this relates to play and creativity, and why this is important. Readable and well-researched, this short book should be standard issue for all parents of young children, parents-to-be and pre-school teachers". Executive Director, Children’s Centre for Creativity, PLAYEUM.

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