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Developmental Play - a new paradigm for Asia

Caroline Essame is delighted to be featuring as the first speaker on the Lego Foundation Playfutures webinar series for 2018. This webinar will introduce play based work in clinical and educational settings in Singapore and India and show how the new ideas around Developmental Play are inspiring Clinicians, Teachers and Parents to value the importance of play.

It will share how play develops and give a framework for contextualizing learning through play based on cross cultural play-work across Asia. It will help in exploring how play can be understood in different contexts, urban and rural, East and West, North and South, children who learn differently and typical learners, in clinical settings and educational settings. It will introduce you to the different play resources and ideas emanating from Asia that we hope will inspire and inform new ideas for practice and research.

By the end of this webinar listeners will:

  • Appreciate how play based learning is understood in Asia

  • Explore how children learn preverbal skills through play

  • Understand the foundation skills of higher play

  • Explore how the differently abled children can develop through play

  • Understand how sensory systems impact on children’s play

  • Explore the Developmental Play pyramid and the training course it has inspired

  • Appreciate the role of technology and social media for changing attitudes about play

If you have missed it don't worry you can join the Playfutures community at and find it and lots of other playful resources.

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